L&D: Tuesday L&D Processes Audit 38: T&D Staff Rewards and Recognition Process

T&D Process 10.5: T&D Staff Rewards and Recognition Process

Note: In my 2001 book I continued my decades old name for the profession as T&D – Training & Development.

Convert for your use as necessary. I will use both T&D and L&D in this weekly series for 2018.


Not all loose processes need to be tightened up.

You should only do that Investment if the Returns warrant.


Learning By Design vs Learning By Chance

When the Cost of Non-Conformance of poor Process/people Performance warrants the Investment in T&D/ Learning/Knowledge Management Content – then make those investments.

And – just because an L&D profession can determine a valid Learning Need and gap in Content – does not in and of itself warrant meeting that need – in any manner.

It’s a Business Decision. 


The L-C-S Framework View

I use both views…


Overview of the Big Picture


T&D Process 10.5: T&D Staff Rewards and Recognition Process

Process Purpose

The T&D Staff Rewards and Recognition Process provides small monetary and other nonmonetary rewards and recognition to the T&D staff, other non-T&D staff, and various contributors to the overall T&D effort.


Process Description

The T&D Staff Rewards and Recognition Process uses small monetary and nonmonetary (noncash) rewards to reinforce certain behaviors and attitudes.

Examples of rewards and recognition could include

  • Publicity in enterprise paper and electronic publications/news organs
  • Project commemoratives (paperweights, T-shirts, caps, golf umbrellas, pens, pencils, banners, photos, plaques, etc.)
  • Press releases and photos sent to local newspapers, plus video clips sent to all local radio and TV stations (and national press if warranted)
  • Two week-long professional conferences anywhere in Hawaii
  • Bonuses and stock options
  • Company car

Some of the above (e.g., company car) may be a component of the compensation and benefits system.

All of this must be administered fairly. The acknowledgment by the T&D staff that the rewards and recognition process is fair is critical to its success.

Individuals, as well as teams, may be recognized for their efforts and/or results.

Failures (projects, not people) can also be recognized and “celebrated” and “promoted,” but that is always done in an attempt to extinguish the key factors of the failure in order to stop it from reoccurring. Lessons learned come from both successes and failures.

For More About This Process In the T&D Systems View

See my 2001 book: T&D Systems View.


Click on image to link to the download page.

T&D Systems View is also available as a $15 Paperback book – and $7.50 as a Kindle – for more information and/or to order – please go – here.

This 2018 Weekly Series Continues Next Tuesday

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