T&D: Avoid the Blended Learning Blues

Learner/Performers Prefer Resources Instead of Courses

Unless they want authentic practice with feedback in addition to Job Aids.

And they want guidance in navigating all of your content offerings.


Especially for their new job’s unique Immediate Survival Skills.


In my view OnBoarding should include Orientations AND Immediate Survival Skill “How To” Instruction. Where the mode/media blend is appropriate to the Learners’/Performers’ performance and learning contexts. I suggest involving them – target audience representatives – in the analysis, design and development efforts. I’ve been doing so since since 1979. They’ll get the blend right.


Then OnGoing development happens, timed to assignments (just in time) for the individual (personalized). The more “authentic” the better.

The Get Real Blues

Of course the Enterprise cannot afford to do this for each and every job. They need to leverage their investments, get the biggest bang for the buck, the most R for the I, and so they would only give this level of treatment to the high-risk/high rewards’ key processes’ key jobs.

What does get produced for the high value target audiences can sometimes be shared “as is” and at minimal costs “after modifications.” Modifications such as swapping out examples, demonstrations, application exercises, quizzes, knowledge tests, performance tests, etc., in order to increase the “authenticity” for the additional learner target audiences.

Stretching your investments in better management of your content – sharing your authentic curriculum content – has huge paybacks – in performance impact and in reduced life cycle costs.

PACT 7 Business Reasons for Embracing

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