T&D: The T&D We Get No Respect Lament

Or – Whys We Cries in Our Beers

I’m sure that you’ve come across your fair share of media regarding the failings of T&D.

Order Takers. Not at the Big Table. Should be leading the entire Enterprise. Doing 10 at the expense of the 20 and 70, where it’s really all at. Not doing enough to embrace Informal Learning. Not being able to demonstrate measurable success well enough, easily enough. Etc. Etc.

I’ve been reading it, watching it, and witnessing those laments since 1979. Many haven’t changed in all these decades.


My thoughts on this – having been groomed from the start in 1979 in a “Performance Orientation to Training” – called performance-based training, back in the day – which BTW included Guidance or Job Aids or Performance Support – and included Just-in-Time modular content – after an Orientation and addressing Immediate Survival Skills ASAP – haven’t changed much.

Almost every time I hear/see these issues – my thoughts first turn to “could a Performance Orientation” resolve this?

Or is it an issue with “not how we do our work, but how we connect with our customers, clients, marketplace stakeholders?” To address their Critical Business Issues – from all of  their problems and opportunities.

Then I might think about “T&D Governance & Advisory Systems” as key to the solution-set.

Avoid Topic-Oriented Training – and offer Task-Oriented Training with authentic Practice & Feedback. But work on the right targets in the first place.

Get Better. Then Get Aligned.

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