T&D: My Recent HPT Series Videos

While I am currently distracted – working on my 75th CAD – Curriculum Architecture Design (since 1982) – and not writing and posting as often – I thought I’d offer you these recent videos of other HPT – Human Performance Technology – practitioners.

Matthew Richter

Stephanie Moore

Paul Elliott

Will Thalheimer

Dave Ferguson

Bob Horn

These next 2 were shot in 2014 – by friend and colleague Gary DePaul – but only edited and published by me in 2018.

Mike Blahnik

Dale Brethower

I have a half dozen or so arrangements with other HPT Practitiones for additional videos – but I have deferred doing those until after my current CAD project concludes.

See the full index in my video series – here. There are currently 69 videos in the two series: HPT Practitioners and HPT Legacy.

What’s a CAD – Curriculum Architecture Design?

The short answer…

Curriculum Architecture Design efforts producing performance-based Learning Paths and determine gaps in your existing formal and informal content and performance support projects

A longer answer…

It’s one of 3 levels of Instructional Design – or Instructional Systems Design – in my PACT Processes for ISD. All 3 levels of design are fed by a common approach to Analysis.


A little more Visual Detail…


CAD efforts often proceed Development efforts – such as MCD or IAD…


CAD efforts are akin to designing an office complex – and then building it out, priority by priority.

From my 1985 Presentation at the NSPI (now ISPI) Conference…


For even more information about CAD, please go – here.

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