T&D: The Late Geary A. Rummler’s Most Famous Quote

He said it and wrote it a number of ways – but the sentiment was always the same.

Here is the correct quote from Training Magazine  August 1983:


“You put a good performer against a bad system and the system wins every time.”


The source: Training Still Isn’t Enough – Training Magazine 1983

RIP Geary. Your work lives on.

See the new Geary A. Rummler site – here.

Four Videos of the Good Doctor


I was in the audience the day this was recorded at the offices of the Motorola Training & Education Center – MTEC. Lucky me! It was the week before my official start day – and I came in early for the opportunity to sit with him and learn.




Geary sat with me at the 2008 ISPI Conference for this short video session. He agreed to sit with me for a 2-hour recording session at the next Conference, but we lost him before that could happen.

Audio – Rummler – 1990

From the NSPI Conference 1990 series on “What Works.”

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