T&D: Celebrating 36 Years as a Consultant

It All Began On November 1st – 1982

I left Motorola’s Training & Education Center (MTEC) – the forerunner of Motorola University, and joined Ray Svenson’s consulting firm. That first day Ray and I flew to Houston, and delivered an evening session to the local NSPI Chapter (now ISPI).


Curriculum Architecture Design

The next day, Ray went off with the client leader and I worked with his Exxon Exploration USA training staff on two initial “modules” from the Curriculum Architecture Design I had done the previous summer – over two weekends – using the Analysis data handed to me. It was my 2nd CAD effort – as the first was as an employee of MTEC for my target audience: Manufacturing Supervisors.

These two modules were intended to be a frame – as “backed out” – as a template for many other Structured OJT Modules – as the Curriculum Architecture Design was 90% plus – Structured OJT. To be used as a prompt for the Supervisor’s delivery to the Geologists/Geophysicists on the exploration teams, operating in “the sands of west Texas, the Rocky Mountains, the plains of the mid-west, the tundra of Alaska, and off-shore.”

Structured OJT – Modules and Events (composed of one or more Modules) – have been a part of most of my 76 CAD projects completed to date. 75 as an external consultant.


That presentation to the Houston NSPI (ISPI) began a long string of ISPI Chapter support, as I have done 35 in total, since 1982. Plus I’ve delivered 57 sessions at the annual NSPI/ISPI Conferences since my first in 1985 – on Curriculum Architecture Design.

Back To Work

Now it’s back to work for me, coincidentally on a Curriculum Architecture Design effort – my 76th CAD project. 77 if I count that MTEC effort.

This one is for Sales. My 13th CAD for Sales and Sales Management.


It’s another case where the current state “Informal Means to Performance Competence Development” – just isn’t cutting it in the eyes of enterprise leadership.

This one looks as if it too will include Group-Paced, Self-Paced and Coached development means, to the ends of Performance Competence.

Focus on the Performance Requirements – and Enable Them.

Think PX Before LX

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