T&D: Your Libraries of Generic Content Need To Be Book-Ended

It’s All About Performance

And that requires Mastery and Transfer.

“Transfer is also affected by the context of original learning; people can learn in one context, yet fail to transfer to other contexts.” (https://www.nap.edu/read/9853/chapter/6#62)

Mastery in the wrong/different Context won’t easily Transfer.


Book-End Your Generic Content With Specifics

On the Front End

Place “Advanced Organizers” on the front end – establishing the Performance Context(s) – Tasks and Outputs and the Context when/where it is performed – and how the generic skill (to follow) is used in those contexts.

And include authentic Examples and/or authentic Demonstrations with a focus on how the generic knowledge/skills are used in the performance.

On the Back End

Place “Application Exercises” – preceded perhaps with “Demonstrations” of those applications. And with “enough” authentic Practice – with the number of attempts and with the increasing difficulty of those Application Exercises.

Overkill In the Extreme?

Then leave it to Inform Learning. The 70 or 20. Where the “incoming K/Ss” of the learner/Performer just need to be channeled/guided.

Save the 10 for the Critical – High Risk/High Reward – Performance. Most jobs have some.

And help learners/Performers find their way to a logical path for their own development of an Ability to Perform Tasks to Produce Outputs to Stakeholder Requirements.


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