T&D: Feedback on Feedback

Questions Came Up On LinkedIn About This Graphic

From Richard E. Clark’s Keynote at ISPI 2012.

www.nmispi.org_08_file_cabinet_Presentations_ISPI Keynote Clark April 2012NMISPI


This looks interesting and I agree with most but I’m curious about the feedback one. What research is saying it doesn’t work?

My Post at LinkedIn is here.

So I said I would reach out to Dick Clark. He responded almost immediately.

From Dick Clark

Note: I’ve bolded some of his response…


I’ve attached a review of the feedback research by Kluger and DiNisi – they claim that 2/3 of the feedback strategies commonly in use either have no impact or are negative.  They searched studies in different work settings in different countries and cultures to see if there were differences and found none that were important.
The negative impact comes when corrective feedback is focused on the employee not on their task performance.  Apparently if people feel that corrective feedback is a comment on themselves as workers (rather than on how they handled a specific task goal) they tend to resist and motivation is negatively impacted.
The best feedback is focused on specific task performance and is accompanied by a clear description of the work goal being addressed.  They found that many people are simply confused about their work goals and/or have substituted their own goals when an organization fails to communicate clear expectations.
I am also attaching the best, current review of formative feedback research by Val Shute  (though it focuses on schools, the data is useful for elaborating on what works everywhere).
All the best

That Research

A review of the feedback research by Kluger and DiNisi:


A current review of formative feedback research by Val Shute:

Formative Feedback – Shute – Review of Educ Res – v78Kluger&amp

Thanks Dr. Clark!!!

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