T&D: Business Based Strategic Planning for T&D

Strategic Planning for T&D Isn’t a Back of the Napkin Exercise

Not if you’re serious about it. Not if your Enterprise is anywhere near complex or challenged.


They key is to be ahead of the curve – by being joined at the hip – formally aligned – with your internal customers and stakeholders.

You don’t have to always sit at the table to be in the room. Take a seat along the wall to start – and – listen and learn.


If you are not working on THE CRITICAL BUSINESS ISSUES of your leadership – then you are, by definition, working on the low hanging fruit.

Is that where you want to be? Is that where you need to be?




Free Book PDF: T&D Systems View – and check out the chapter on 1 O’Clock – but only after the chapter on 12 O’Clock.

Free PowerPoint Show: Strategic Planning for Training & Development 1996 G Wallace at ISPI – Strategic Planning for T&D – from Guy’s 1996 ISPI Presentation.

And search this website for Blog Posts on the topic using “Strategic Planning” and “Governance & Advisory Systems” and “Alignment” – for more.

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