T&D: Fun Fun Fun – Until Daddy Takes the T-Bird Away

With Apologies to The Beach Boys for the Title of This Post 

YouTube Video – OEB Conference – Published on Dec 10, 2018

This House Believes All Learning Experiences Should Be Fun is the motion for this year’s OEB Global Debate.

As ‘enriched’ experiences, such as gamification and virtual reality, play increasingly important roles in education and, as traditional methods of teaching come under increasing attack, this year’s OEB debate is your chance to have your say on the role of ‘fun’ in learning.

Should all learning experiences be fun, as the proposers of the motion will argue? Or are hard work, discipline and the old-fashioned ways still as important as ever? Always one of the highlights of OEB, the annual Plenary Debate is an opportunity for you to discuss one of the most important issues for the future of education with our expert speakers.

The parliamentary-style format is sure to encourage a lively exchange of views – and there’ll be plenty of time for audience participation.

Chairperson: Harold Elletson.

Speakers: Alex Beard, Elliott Masie, Benjamin Doxtdator and Patti Shank.

BTW – besides being a fan of Patti Shank – I would tend to agree with her.

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Final Comments

This recorded debate was about “All Learning Experiences Should Be Fun” – and I disagree.

“All Learning” does not have to be fun.

I spent 14 weeks in boot camp for the USN in late 1972, spilling over into 1973. I learned a lot – but none of it was fun.

Then I spent the rest of almost 3 years in the USN, on a ship, overseas for half of it, and continued to learn a lot – yet again, none of it was fun.

The time I went on “leave” and “liberty” – now most of that was fun. But I’m not sure if I learned anything.

BTW – my time not overseas was spent mostly in sunny California.

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