T&D: Reflections on 40 Years in the Biz – Part 2

End of Year Reflections – Part 2

The end of a year is a good time to reflect. Of course, the beginning and middle of a year, month, week, day and project – are also good times.


And Paying It Forward Is Good At Any Time

That’s why Carol Haig, Roger Addison and I create the HPT Treasures website – here.

HPT means Human Performance Technology – and “Technology” means the application of science – not computer technology. Something – the application of science – is unfortunately something way too many in the profession seem to have strayed away from.

Our intent was to capture HPT-related content that has been lost over time – and then freely share it.

In January 2019, four of us, Jeanne Farrington, Gary DePaul, Roger Addison and I are starting weekly Blog Posts – Tuesday through Friday – to help uncover all of the buried Treasures on this site. Treasures that are mostly PDFs for you to download if you’d like.

HPT Treasures 2019

Sign up for emails on the site (top right on your desktop – after the Blog Posts on your smartphone) for each of these Blog Posts – or use RSS, etc. to keep up-to-date on what is being posted to the site – and for these Blog Posts.

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