T&D: Thinking Ahead to the Means of Utilization During Analysis

In 1979, right out of college, I went to work in Saginaw Michigan with a couple of Rummlerites, followers of (the late) Geary A. Rummler. They had recently worked with Geary’s brother in Detroit, and had come to Saginaw where we all worked with Geary’s brother-in-law. 

They taught me to 1st consider Standalone Job Aids, then Job Aids in T&D, then T&D for Memorization.


Our default was Guidance/ Job Aids, now known as Performance Support and sometimes as Quick Reference Guides. If we could address the need with those – that’s what we’d produce. 

In 1979 I was given the Praxis Newsletter (from the late Geary Rummler and the late Tom Gilbert) from September 1970 – that my boss had in her files  – which I saved in paper form in a metal filing cabinet for decades – highlighted in green – until PDFing it earlier this year:   https://eppic.biz/2018/03/13/ld-performance-support-whats-old-is-new-again/ 


That 1970 newsletter was the basis for our Training Services department’s 1979 philosophy of: Standalone Job Aids 1st, Job Aids covered in Training 2nd – and training with Practice & Feedback when the performer needed to memorize the knowledge or have the skill at what’s now called “the moment of need” 3rd.

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