T&D: After Defining the Target Audience Capture Their Performance Requirements

I’ve Been Using a Performance Model Format Since 1979

It’s a derivative of a Rummler & Gilbert Performance Table from the 1970s.

Why I like it and why I have used it on every ISD project since 1979 – over 300 or so projects – is that it makes it super easy for my clients to see where any Instructional effort might be headed.

So they can affirm or redirect as they see needed.

Webp.net-gifmaker (11).gif

Not every Task-set and Output needs Formal Training or Instruction via Performance Support.

That’s a Business Decision – not an ISD Decision IMO.

I set up my PACT Processes for ISD to enable the client and key stakeholders to make those Business Decisions in a timely manner.


Click on the image above for a free 410-page PDF of lean-ISD.

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