T&D: Will Thalheimer’s Post: 19 of the Most Popular Blog Posts in the Learning Field

I Was Happy To Have One of My Posts Included

From Will’s Post:

What do our most popular blog posts say about our field—the learning field?

A few months ago (in the last half of 2018), I reached out to bloggers in the learning field to find out. This blog post includes the numbers, wit, and wisdom from these bloggers. In addition to me, there are 18 other bloggers who generously shared their most popular blog posts.

My Post:

The Big 5 in Human Personality Assessments: CANOE



19 Posts From the Following Bloggers

Will Thalheimer

Mike Taylor

Andrew Jacobs

Jo Cook

Ryan Tracey

Wilfred Rubens

Julie Drybrough

Neil Von Heupt

Brett Christensen

Dennis Callahan

Mirjam Neelen and Paul Kirschner

Christy Tucker

Donald H Taylor

Matt Guyan

Guy Wallace

Connie Malamed

Christopher Pappas

Michelle Ockers

Tracy Schiffmann

See Will’s Post


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