T&D: Monetizing Informal Learning

Like in The Lorax – the Selling of Air

Remember when Informal Learning was all of a sudden The New Thing?

As if it hadn’t existed before.

As if all Learning didn’t start out as Informal before somebody decided to resource it into becoming Formal.

Then 70-20-10 became The New Thing.


Remember when The 70 was Challenging Assignments?

But that was hard to monetize – so it morphed into something quite Formal (Performance Support) or Happenstance (Resources found on the Internet).

Performance Support is Instructional … and is Formal … just not always in a course. There are exceptions, of course, to resources covered first in a course, and then used in due course.

But Challenging Assignments – The Old 70 – doesn’t convey to me an assignment chock full of Instructional Resources – which – quite frankly – take the challenge right out of it.

The New 70 – to me – is performance-based Performance Support or Guidance or Job Aids or Quick Reference Guides – which can be sold … and bought. The Old 70 couldn’t.

The 70 is dead. Long live The 70.

I guess.

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