T&D/PI: HPT Video with John Lazar

John Lazar

Yesterday I sat down virtually with John Lazar for a recorded Skype Interview – one of my HPT Legacy Video Series. John and I go way back to sometime in 1981 when both he and I joined the NSPI Chicago Chapter. Note: NSPI became ISPI in the mid-1990s.


As my 2 series of HPT Videos – Practitioner and Legacy – are intended to show the diversity of HPT Practitioners and HPT Practice – and the Legacy Series is intended to share some stories of other HPT Practitioners alive or deceased, John was able to share some stories with some HPT Luminaries that I hope you find interesting.

John is an Executive Coach and a current member of the board of ISPI. In the video he shared a definition of Blended Solutions that I particularly like.

Blended Solutions

A Blended Intervention (BI) may be
distinctive in that it will simultaneously

1) require multiple personal
conversations and qualitative data
gathering (ethnographic approach)
to produce context‐dependent

2) address multiple root causes

3) use multiple methodologies

4) impact & align multiple

5) identify & reinforce otherwise
masked relationships
between people, systems & data

6) require faith, courage and stretches

Here is a PDF of a 2017 EMEA presentation he did along with Edy Greenblat and Daniela Robu that used that definition: ispiemea2017_lazar_greenblatt_robu_final

HPT Video with John Lazar

Legacy Series version – 1 hour and 10 minutes in length.

The HPT Legacy & Practitioner Video Series

See Guy’s HPT Practitioner and Legacy Video Index – here.

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