HPT Legacy Video: Cherie Wilkins

HPT Legacy Video : Cherie Wilkins

I met Cheri Wilkins at an ISPI Conference in the late 1990s. And then worked on a project with her for 5 months in 2005.

I was always jealous of her because she had worked with my mentor, the late Geary A. Rummler back at both the Rummler-Brache Group (RBG) and then at the Performance Design Lab (PDL).

So I was very appreciative when she agreed to do one of these video interviews with me as it gave me a chance to live vicariously through her experience, if only for an hour.

Cherie is a consultant and operates from her business Wilkins Associates in Newark, Delaware.

She is a co-author, with the late Geary A. Rummler and Alan Ramias of “Rediscovering Value: Leading the 3-D Enterprise to Sustainable Success”  which is available – here.

This video was shot in February 2019. It is 55:41 minutes in length.

Check out Cherie’s LinkedIn page – here.

The HPT Practitioner and HPT Legacy Video Series

The HPT Practitioner and HPT Legacy Video Series was started by me in 2008 as a means of sharing the diversity of HPT Practitioners, and the diversity of HPT Practices in the workplace and in academia. The full set of videos may be found and linked to – here.

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