T&D: Reflecting on a Newsletter From 20 Years Ago

Which Highlighted My Version of ADDIE

MCD – Modular Curriculum Development/Acquisition – was/is my version of ADDIE.

Note: when a Job Aid or Performance Aid was the intended output – I used a slightly varied version of MCD – called: IAD – Instructional Activity Development/Acquisition as the PACT Process.

MCD – and IAD – had 6 Phases and 4 Gate Review Meetings. At it’s heart – in the Design Phase – was/is the Lesson map (of Instructional Activities).

This newsletter over-viewed the 6 Phases of my MCD methodologies – which I secured legal ownership of after the break-up of SWI – Svenson & Wallace Inc. in 1997. See page: 1.

And this newsletter had another article on the first project where I used the early versions of Lesson Maps: a Labor Relations course for Illinois Bell First Line Supervisors. And that goes in to the series of Simulations Exercises that was used to train for skills development in the various stages of Progressive Discipline as guided by the Law Department at Illinois Bell, per the existing Contract with their two labor unions. See page: 2.

The newsletter also had an article by two PACT Practitioners that I trained and certified – about my Performance Modeling methods – and setting the stage with the Project Steering Team – from their uses of these methods at General Motors University. See page: 3.

And this newsletter includes a copy a letter – from another person I trained and certified in my methods who wrote us about their experiences in conducting a Project Steering Team Gate Review Meeting at the end of the Analysis Phase. See page: 4.

And this newsletter goes through the calculation of potential ROI I used with a client – General Dynamics – back in the early 1990s – when the Project Steering Team (PST) initially balked at the estimated price tag for implementing the CAD on CAD – the Curriculum Architecture Design on the Computer Aided Design tool that they had – that wasn’t being used to its advantage (they originally claimed). I converted the typical ROI language to typical TQM language that everyone on the PST was more familiar with – and then as they say – we did the math. See page: 14.

And then we introduced my next (3rd) book on T&D Systems View (just before we published my 2nd book: lean-ISD) a few months later. See page: 17.

Winter 1998/1999


As a PowerPoint Show

Sharing My Quarterly Newsletter From 20 Ago



Hope you find this Past Newsletter from 20 years ago both interesting and of value.


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