T&D: Weekend Reflections

I’ve added two videos to my online collection this past week, both with Patti Shank, PhD.

One was from my growing library of HPT Videos where I try to capture and share some insight into others who are in the business of EBP for PI – Evidence Based Practices in Performance Improvement – which is the “same diff” IMO as HPT – Human Performance Technology. I have over 70 videos in this collection – here.

Weeked Reflections 2019-02-16.png

The second video of Patti was her presentation at my local ISPI Chapter – ISPI Charlotte NC on “Designing for Memory and Better Learning Outcomes” – which was fabulous.

I did both videos this past Wednesday – and got to spend some time with Patti – who I met F2F for the first time after knowing her for about a decade via SM. Before, in between and after doing the recordings we had a chance to chat. All in all I learned a lot more about her and how she came into the world of EBP for PI.

She and I have the late Geary Rummler, Joe Harless, Tom Gilbert as common sources for some of our early learning about Instruction and non-Instructional methods for Improving Performance. We discussed some of the current buzz in our fields, and how much of it is old stuff made to seem new.

As someone who studies the research, Patti has a perspective that I really appreciate. She is about making the research accessible and practical for the typical ID/ISDer. And she is willing to address the fads and fallacies that are all too prevalent in ID/ISD and PI.

If you don’t have her books – at least subscribe to her Blog – and follow her on Twitter and LinkedIn. Check out her website at: https://www.pattishank.com/

My reflections at the end of this week are again about those who taught many of us valid approaches, and about those who seem to be spinning the old as new. I am wary of them – but I also wonder if they do that simply because they do not now that what they think is new is really old – with a history of research and applications experience.

The new technology available – which will surely continue to evolve – are simply platforms for conducting EBP for PI.

Focus on the results desired, the gaps from that – and valid EBP to address and close those gaps where there is a sufficient pay-off, business-wise, for doing so.

And have a good weekend!

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