T&D: There are No Renaissance Men and Women in ISD Anymore

It’s Just Too Much

There are No Renaissance Men and Women in ISD anymore – for there is just too much to know & master.

The Awareness, Knowledge and Skills required are too vast and too varied to expect any one person to wear all of the “hats” required for any one or set of complex ISD projects.

IMO it takes an ISD Team of experts/expertise working hand-in-hand w/ the client & their handpicked Master Performers to create & deploy authentic & impacting Instruction.


I See 8 Key Roles 

Here are my 8 ISDer types.

1. Instructional Systems Team Leaders

2. Instructional Systems Project Planners & Managers

3. Instructional Systems Analysts

4. Instructional Systems Architects

5. Instructional Systems Designers


6. Instructional Systems Developers

7. Instructional Systems Facilitators

8. Instructional Systems Evaluators

See the PowerPoint Show or the GIF Presentation next for a quick definition of each of these 8 roles.

And of course, these 8 Roles fit my ISD Methodology framework and mind-set.

Yours may differ.

PowerPoint Show

For you to download…

The Many Instructional Roles Before & After the ID Role

GIF Presentation

Webp.net-gifmaker (29)

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