T&D: Weekend Reflections

Scheduling Downtime – for those of us who schedule most everything in our lives – is important. And sometimes external events schedule those down times for us. 


So I found myself at the beach this past week – as my wife had scheduled our kitchen renovation this week – and we both decided to get away and head east to the beaches of North Carolina. It was a rainy week, except for one day mid-week when the sun shone brightly and the temperatures hit 70F. Ahhhh.

It was Bueller’s (the dog – a Westie) first trip to the ocean, and he loved it – other than attempting to drink the ocean’s salt water.

As a former sailor, it wasn’t my first trip to the ocean. And I don’t particularly like the ocean. I’m more of an inland lake sailor/boater since my EOAS date (End of Active Service) from the US Navy waaaaaaaay back in 1975. But as the weather was forecasted to be rainy but warm most of the time – I was happy to be caught indoors or under-roof to read something non-business related on the Kindle.

I am reading “Pandemic” – fiction by A. G. Riddle – a pseudonym – who happens to be the child of friends who we see at “our” inland lake in western NC, weather permitting. I don’t get to read fiction as often as I used to, or as I would like. I’ve read this author’s other 3 books, and I am hooked. I got started when visiting A.G.’s mother on her houseboat, when she told us about her being her son’s first editor. So I went back to our boat and immediately downloaded it. And before I finished the first of what would become a trilogy, I ordered and downloaded the second book. And then the third. This was all back in 2013, and now I’m finally back at reading fiction.

Again, it’s all about scheduling – and then making it happen. At least for those of us who schedule most of our lives – to make it happen.

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