T&D: Make Your Instructional Demonstrations More Interactive & Valuable

Watch This – Or – Hold My Beer?

Most Demonstrations in Instruction (T&D/Learning) are passive, “watch this” types of content/ approaches. Which can be valuable.

However I prefer most of my DEMOs to show/model the APPOs that the T&D Participant will be put through – next – as an “Advanced Organizer” if you will.


You would do the demo live or recorded based on the APPO (Application Exercise) that follows – but was built first (in my approach to ISD Design). And the Lesson Participants (Learners) would review it and score the process and/or the output – again, just as it will be done for them once they are in the “hot dseat” of hands-on Practice with Feedback.

Of course the preceding INFO should explain the Criteria as well as the Steps, and the What & Why about the Performance being focused on.

Unless the Lesson is a set up for another, downstream Lesson where the DEMO and APPO will tie it all together. That happens too for complex Performance.


Book Resources 

These books address the Analysis and Design aspects of my ISD methodologies.


lean-ISD … as a FREE PDF – here.

lean-ISD … as a Kindle or Paperback – here.

Analysis of Performance Competence Requirements … as a Kindle or Paperback – here.

MCD: Modular Curriculum Development … as a Kindle or Paperback – here.

13 Minute Video on Lesson Mapping

Future Webinar on Lesson Mapping

Check this upcoming webinar out – here. $10.00 for non-members.


PowerPoint Show to Download


pact processes – phase by phase review 2019-01 – January 2019 Review of the PACT Processes for T&D/ Learning/ Knowledge Management.

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