Back in 2001

In 2001 I was working on finishing up my approach to Performance Improvement (PI). Those methods are known as EPPI – Enterprise Performance Improvement.

In 2001 I recorded a video of me talking about EPPI – but all but one of the video files disappeared when a hard drive crashed back in 2006 and attempts to  recover the many files on it was unsuccessful. All that I have from that video is the image of me in my CADDI Inc. offices in 2001, in the graphic below.


I’d been working on the EPPI methods since the late 1980s – as my ISD Analysis methods (in PACT) attempted to uncover Performance Issues that sometimes could and sometimes could not be resolved by addressing Knowledge and Skills. My clients were not always in a position to tackle and resolve those issues – so they and their people needed to learn how to live with them – and minimize them as best they could.

In any event, my attitude has always been that it is a GOOD THING to give all learners/Performers a “heads up” about the barriers to performance that they will face, and how Master Performers avoid them in the first place, and what they do if they were unavoidable in the second place. Whether or not the Enterprise addressed the Performance Issue or not.

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My PACT Processes are a sub-set of my EPPI Processes. EPPI might take over an ISD effort after the Analysis phases of PACT – by design.


In 2011 I updated several of my earlier books to address both ISD and PI.


See my books on Amazon – here.

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