Weekend Reflections

A Trifecta for the Week

On Thursday I drove down the mountain to Charlotte NC to spend some time with Clark Quinn, PhD, before his session with my local ISPI Charlotte chapter. I had recruited him as one of our speakers last August.

He was gracious enough to also sit with me for one of my HPT Video interviews – here –  where I try to bring out the backgrounds and current thinking of key practitioners in the HPT Space – where their practice is informed by the research. I want to know about “how they got to where they are, and what and who influenced them on their journey.”

Weeked Reflections 2019-03-16.png

I’ve been trying to think who else in my professional past has been able to reference so many influences and sources so readily as Clark did as he reflected in response to my questions – and the closest I could come up to is Dale Brethower, PhD, who I served on the board under his presidency of ISPI in 1999-2000, and the late Don Tosti, PhD, who was the ISPI President-Elect when I served as President in 2003-2004. They both were always quoting the sources for their comments and positions.

I’ve spent 40 years in the performance-based T&D field and 37 of those as a consultant. I was never formally educated in our field but learned at the feet of my managers and peers and from the gurus I saw, heard from, and met, at NSPI Chapters starting in 1979, at NSPI Conferences – starting in 1980 and at Lakewood (Training Magazine) Conferences and ASTD Conferences, BPM Conferences and IEEE Conferences. I’ve read a few books over the decades too.

But the beat goes on. And I cannot, and you should not, simply rest on your laurels – so to speak.

To ‘rest on your laurels‘ means that you get lazy or complacent about what you could achieve because you’re too busy basking in the memories of former glories.

But I feel like such a slacker at times when I compare myself to some of those who I have recorded for my HPT Video series, such as Clark Quinn, and Jane Bozarth and Patti Shank – 3 of my most recent subjects – and who coincidentally were the subjects of a new video series that started this past Thursday in between my video session with Clark and his evening session at ISPI.

This new video series, Nerdy Shop Talk, started by Julie Dirksen (@usablelearning) and Tracy Parish (@Tracy_Parish), was titled The Research Rabbit Hole – and discussed what practitioners need to know from the research and the difficulties they might have – such as “questionable research” from the Predatory Journals out there. I suggest you check this out when you find yourself with an hour to invest  – here. And follow this on Twitter at: @nerdyshoptalk.

So I heard from Clark Quinn three times in one day – in addition to some chat at both lunch and dinner.

Stay Curious

As Clark offered when I asked him for any final words of wisdom for people new to the field in our video interview, he said, “Stay Curious.”

Good advise for all of us, in the pursuit of our own performance competence.

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