T&D/PI Video: The Big Picture of EPPI

EPPI – Enterprise Process Performance Improvement

EPPI is my proprietary methodology-set for HPT – Human Performance Technology – where “technology” means the application of Science – in these Evidence Based Practices for Performance Improvement.

The Big Picture of EPPI 2019-03 (Time 0_00_09;23).png

The video also explains the link between EPPI and PACT – my proprietary ISD methodology-set for performance-based T&D.

My goal was to enable those trained in the PACT methods to smoothly segue to the EPPI Methods – such as my former staffs at SWI – Svenson & Wallace Inc. (1982-1997) and at CADDI – The Curriculum Architecture Design & Development Institute (1997-2002) .

Video is 8:50 minutes in length.

PACT is a Subset of EPPI

I created PACT going back to 1982 knowing that I would want to extend it into an HPT methodology-set.


I wrote lean-ISD between 1983 and 1999.


I updated lean-ISD and several other books in 2011 into a Wallace 6 Pack.

Sorry/Not Sorry Bob Mager! :)

Slide21.PNGBTW – I told Bob Mager what I had done way back in 2012 and he laughed and wished me well.


Both EPPI and PACT are all about Performance Competence.


Because we should all appreciate that Performance Improvement is often well beyond dealing with Enabling Knowledge & Skills and ISD/ T&D/ L&D/ Instruction/ Workflow Learning/ Performance Support/ Quick Reference Guides/ Job Aids/ Guidance/ etc.


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