Ya Got Me – I’m a Waterfall Kind of Guy

Mirjam Nailed It/Me On Twitter

I guess it should be obvious by now.


Marjam was responding to this…

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I Believe in and Practice lean, linear approaches to ISD and Performance Improvement.


And within those are iterations, planned iterations – because one thing I do for my clients is deliver on schedule.

Only maybe 2 or 3 times did a client not want a schedule of deliverables. And that was when they knew their side – of the Customer-Supplier effort – wouldn’t be able to hold up their end of the schedule and meet their deadlines.

No client wants to understand going in that you’ll be iterating until the soup is “just right.” Which I never understood the need for – in Enterprise T&D – when you could accurately estimate the time to get what you needed from Master Performers, Other SMEs, Supervisors and Novice Performers – whether by using a FGP – Facilitated Group process or a more traditional series of Observations, Interviews and Document Reviews. And then Designing using a FGP – or not.

And developing content using a FGP with follow up Alpha Tests, Beta Tests and Pilot Tests – and the updating and releasing the content to ongoing deployment/accessibility.

Maybe that’s just me – and those on my staff and those clients that I’ve trained.

Using this kind of approach…

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