T&D: The Use and Abuse of Verbal Behaviours

I’ve been a fan of Huthwaite going back to 1981 – and so I pay attention to everything that they do.

It’s not the exactly same organization as it was back in 1981 when I visited their house/office in Sheffield on behalf of Motorola looking at their Negotiations Training offering – but they seem to still focus on communications behaviors – which was the focus of SPIN Sales Training and the Win-Win Negotiations Training from way way back in the day.

In any event – take a look at this interesting video…

Huthwaite Verbal Behaviours in Kitchen Murder Mystery

Crime drama and food programmes are all the rage these days, and Huthwaite International’s own research into verbal behaviours has formed the basis for this mouth-watering tale. The animated film, put together by year 6 pupils at Grenoside School in Yorkshire, illustrates the use and abuse of verbal behaviours, with the hapless chef trying to bring order to the proceedings. As well as testing the children’s movie-making talents, the project that has been running for many months in conjunction with the Comino Foundation, is widely acclaimed for helping the youngsters improve communication skills that will aid them in their learning, their friendship groups, their transition to secondary schools and in their later careers.

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