Weekend Reflections

People who want to be in Learning & Performance can only play a limited role in Performance Improvement.

Weeked Reflections 2019-04-06.png

They should focus on Performance-based L&D, or T&D.

Or Performance-oriented T&D, or L&D.

But they generally do not have the knowledge and skills to really address Performance Improvement. That would probably take a team.

What do you know about Process Engineering, or design or redesign?


What do you know about Data & Information Systems? Or Facilities design?

Enough to diagnose the root causes and what 20% to address to get 80% of the desired improvement results?

We need to learn how to collaborate better and be better team players – and adapt what we cannot get the greater Improvement Team to adopt.

Slide1 (47)

And we could prove that by engaging others in addressing our own function’s processes that might return greater value than the costs of the improvement.


That might create your Business Case for helping others.

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