T&D: Instructional Architecture Should Actually Architect Content

My Building Blocks for Architecting Instruction

… include 5 Tiers/Types of Content. And many sub-types with the Tiers.

5 Tier.png

I’ve been using these since the early 1990s after I created what is now my Lesson Mapping methods in a project for Illinois Bell on Labor Relations for Supervisors – which I’ve Blogged about many times in the past.

Since the 1980s I’ve been focused on Content ReUse – but never liked the approach to that known as Learning Objects – which I felt were to big at the Lesson Level – and not modular enough.

My approach is much more granular – and includes the concept of ReUse “As Is” and/or “After Modification.”


After Modification means you’ll be creating content derivatives – and if you are going to do THAT – you’ll need a way to manage those variations of content so that you reduce the time and costs for maintaining those derivatives – and keeping them EVERGREEN. Otherwise your content and the shareholder investments in that content – goes out-of-date and may become WORSE THAN WORTHLESS. They may cost money and time to administrate and otherwise manage – after their shelf-life has expired.

Good Stewards of Shareholder Equity

Do Not Squander It Through Poor Practices

IF you’re really approaching this as an Instructional Architect – or as a  Learning Engineer might – you’ll want to consider using my ECA framework or something akin to it.

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