HPT Videos – The Langdons

Kathleen & Danny Langdon

This past Monday I met with both Kathleen and Danny via Skype to conduct another set of HPT Videos – and did another video with Danny focused on his remembrances of The Tucson 7.

I met Kathleen – and Danny – in September 1979 at my first NSPI Chapter meeting. Danny was the speaker that night. Kathleen was one of the officers of MSIT – the Michigan Society for Instructional Technology – back when “we” were IT – before MIS changed its name and we lost out to Data/Information. Ah. The old days.

Performance International

Check out their website – here.

See more about each of them below – after the 3 videos.

Their newest book trilogy – here.


Kathleen Whiteside Langdon

Danny Langdon – Part 1

Danny Langdon – Part 2: On the Tucson 7


Management Development – Training Management – Organizational Development

Contact Kathleen: ksw602@performanceinternational.com

Accomplished senior management consultant skilled in the analysis necessary to identify performance problems among employees, supervision or senior management. Based on analysis, prepares strategic solutions and implements tactical programs that improve individual and group performance.

  • Kathleen WhitesideAnalyze Performance Problems
  • Improve Communication
  • Develop Instructional Materials
  • Facilitate Meetings
  • Introduce Organizational Change
  • Design Organizations
  • Resolve Conflict
  • Facilitate Decision-Making
  • Develop Policies and Procedures
  • Improve Team Functioning
  • Develop HR Strategies
  • Coach Managerial Performance

Professional Background

1994-current: Performance International, Santa Monica, CA. Partner and Consultant

1988-1994: K.S. Whiteside & Associates, Santa Monica, CA. Founding Director: Performance Improvement Consultant

1985-1988:  Harper-Grace Hospitals Detroit, Michigan Corporate Director, Human Resources Department

1977-1985: Harper-Grace Hospitals Detroit, Michigan Manager and Corporate Director, Training and Development

Prior to 1977:  Taught at Wayne State University, Detroit College of Business, instructional designer for J.L. Hudson Company (retailer), Prudential Life Insurance Company, and MIND, Inc.

Professional Affiliations

President, International ISPI, 1993-94; Vice-President, National Society for Performance and Instruction (NSPI), 1983; Member, Toastmasters, International; Member, California Leadership; Vice Chair, California Leadership Alumnae Association.


Books: “Intervention Resource Guide: 50 Performance Improvement Tools,” Jossey-Bass Publishers, 1999.

NSPI Performance and Instruction Journal, ASTD Research series, Training Magazine, “Managing the Training Department: The Good, the Bad, and the Solution,”; “Redefining Jobs in the Changing Workplace,” HR Magazine, May, 1996.


MA, Wayne State University; BA, The Benedictine Colleges.

Accomplishments as a Consultant

  • Completed reorganization for a non-profit organization with $2 million in revenues and long history of dissension among managment.
  • Co-developed and facilitated an off-site for all 45 Coast Guard Admirals to determine the current and desired state of the Quality Initiative in the US Coast Guard.
  • Facilitated job modeling and definition of numerous jobs for diverse clients such as Southern California Edison, Allstate, Prudential Insurance, Merisel Corporation, Nissan Motors, Plexus, and others.
  • Managed the Technical Training Department of SCE’s Customer Service Department for 6 months. Conducted search to find replacement.
  • Developed a Human Resources Strategy for a business unit of a major utility. Roll-out included slide shows and brochures for 200; training for 200 to cascade information, including a model presentation, practice, video-taping, feedback and opportunities to develop answers to tough questions.
  • Established the Organizational Development capability for the Corporate Training Department of an 18,000 employee organization undergoing major change.
  • Developed a 6-volume model for the design of instruction, which served as an instructional and project management tool to improve the performance of training supervisors.
  • Coached and trained executives on interpersonal skills and conflict resolution. Brought two peers into agreement for first time in 3 years.
  • Trained 20 public school teachers on time management, conflict resolution and project leadership. Designed, developed and taught materials. Reported to have had significant impact on their ability to meet new challenges.
  • Facilitated a team charged with changing the culture of an organization by means of institutionalizing Project Management skills and procedures.
  • Developed a team made up volunteers, scattered across the nation, charged with putting on a five-day conference attended by 1500 people. Generated $450,000, all-time record, from the event.
  • Took 10 Corporate Executives to the White House to present on ways to improve performance in American businesses.
  • Facilitating monthly management meetings for a consulting firm to improve both its management practices and team work capability. Three year assignment has increased profits by 20%; improved products in marketplace.
  • Completed a management analysis and designed improvements in the Customer Service Department of a major utility. Utilized team-building, stand-up training, management coaching, policies and procedures development, performance plan development and change management to a diverse staff of line managers.
  • Wrote the Participant’s Manual for a 5-week, satellite-based teacher in-service on reducing drug usage among young people.
  • Past International President of 10,000 member organization devoted to performance improvement in groups and individuals.
  • Co-developed and co-presented a course called, “How to Become a Performance Technologist” to in-house change agents and through national conferences of the two major professional societies in the field.


Total Quality Management – Project Management – Performance Design

Contact Danny: dannygl@performanceinternational.com

Danny G. LangdonDanny, M.Ed., is a recognized international expert on the definition and refinement of work. He is one of the leading experts in performance improvement systems in business. He is the author of seven books in the field of Instructional and Performance Technology, has chapters in a dozen other books, and has published many articles. His major accomplishments include being a past international president of the 10,000 member International Society for Performance Improvement, an Honorary Life Member of ISPI, a presentation on “Productivity and Competitiveness” presented at the White House, the innovation of effective management training systems, innovation of several new instructional design (training) delivery systems, an innovative approach to Total Quality Management, and the innovator of the Language of Work Model™ for business and organizations.

Danny with professional colleagues and friends discussing Human Performance Technology

Among other positions spanning 40 years, Danny is the former Director of Instructional Design and Development for the American College, Director of Corporate Training for the Morrison Knudsen Corporation and Director of the TQM Process for International Technology. He was one of the original Peace Corps volunteers serving in Ethiopia. He now runs his own consulting firm specializing in the Language of Work™ approach to business/work understanding and improvement.

Visit Danny’s Amazon Author Page


  • Analyze Performance Problems
  • Teach Instructional Design
  • Develop Instructional Systems
  • Improve Job Understanding
  • Develop Presentations
  • Align Organizations
  • Teach Performance Technology
  • Facilitate Decision-Making
  • Improve Business Units, Processes, Jobs, Work Groups
  • Speaker, Author, Writer
  • Job Modeling

Professional Background

1993-Current:  Performance International Partner

1990-1993: International Technology Corporation, Torrance, California Director, Total Quality Management

1979-1990:  Morrison Knudsen Corporation Boise, Idaho. Director of Corporate Training

1969-1979:  American College of Life Underwriters Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania. Director of Instructional Design and Director of Instructional Design Research.

1967-1969:  General Programmed Teaching Palo Alto, California Manager, Instructional Design

1965-1967:  Job Corps Center, Pleasanton, California, Instructor and Supervisor, Instructional Materials

1962-1964:  US Peace Corps Peace Corps Volunteer Teacher, Chemistry Harar Teacher Training Institute Harar, Ethiopia

Publications  and  Accomplishments


President, International ISPI, 1989-90.

Led White House Briefing for Special Assistants To President Bush on Increasing Productivity & Competitiveness Using Performance Technology.

Book: “Interactive Instructional Designs for Individualized Learning,” Educational Technology Publications, 1973.

Series Editor & Contributor, Instructional Design Library, Educational Technology Publications, 1978 and 1980. 40 books on different Instructional Design strategies and formats.

Originated the Individual Management Development Program (IMDP) for identifying and meeting individual development and training needs of management/supervisory personnel; originated the Construct Lesson Plan (CLP): An instructional learning system for improving group classroom instructional efficiency and effectiveness; originated the Information-Visualization System: This method allows an accurate and convenient method of showing how to select the best way(s) of visualizing information for instruction or general presentation.

Developed and implemented a bilingual training program for use in Colombia, S.A.

Developed one of the leading performance models for aligning and improving business performance.


National Society for Performance and Instruction:

  • Outstanding Performance Aid
  • Outstanding New Systematic Approach


B.S. Ed., Chemistry; University of Idaho
M.Ed., Secondary Administration; University of Missouri

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