HPT Video: Billy Wilson

I met Billy Wilson, a Nuclear Engineer who has had many safety and performance improvement roles in power plants … and now does elearning and training of plant personnel, just a couple of months ago on LinkedIn. Because he entered the T&D/L&D field from a Performance Improvement role – and not the typical other-way-around – I invited him to share his story about his HPT Practice as a Practitioner.


From LinkedIn

I approach Training/Instruction/Learning Design from a different perspective than most, for a variety of reasons. *

My background is in engineering, quality/safety programs, human performance, and root cause analysis.

* I’m still a trainee in the same environment as my target learner population, so I get to experience training the same way everyone else does.

* I have major attention issues (diagnosed ADHD-Primarily Inattentive as an adult), so I have no patience for boring, badly human-factored training content.

* I am a skeptic, a contrarian, and habitual devil’s advocate.

So… I guess what I’m saying is don’t be surprised if I disagree with you on a topic and then also agree with you later on the very same topic. I have my reasons; it’s not personal.

The video is 54:45 minutes in length.

My HPT Video Series

The HPT Practitioner and HPT Legacy Video Series was started by Guy W. Wallace in 2008 as a means of sharing the diversity of HPT Practitioners, and the diversity of HPT Practices in the workplace and in academia.

The full set of videos are on YouTube and the index to them all and links to YouTube may be found  – here. There are now 90 videos in my collection.

HPT – Human Performance Technology – is the application of science – the “technology” part – for Performance Improvement. As the late Don Tosti noted, “All performance is a human endeavor.”

Whether your label for HPT is that, or Performance Improvement or Human Performance Improvement, it is all about Evidence Based Practices for Performance Improvement at the Individual level, the Team level, the Process level, the Department level, the Functional level, the Enterprise level, and at the level of Society/World.

HPT Practitioners operate at all of these levels, as this Video Series clearly demonstrates.

Although ISPI – the International Society for Performance Improvement is the home of many HPT Practitioners – the concepts, models, methods, tools and techniques are not limited to any one professional affinity group or professional label.

ISPI just happens to be where I learned about HPT – and has been my professional home since 1979.

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