T&D/PI: I Love the Smell of Measured Results in the Morning

If you are not achieving Measured Results – then you aren’t really accomplishing much. Other than increasing costs.

As Dale Brethower, PhD has said, “If you are not adding value to society you are likely subtracting value from society.”

Perhaps you need to find another way.


Measured Results – is one of my favorite phrases from back in the day – at NSPI (now ISPI). It requires establishing Baseline Results to be compared to Post Intervention Results. And that requires targeting the Business Metrics one intends to impact.

Something that seems to be lost in today’s T&D/L&D world. But if it makes you feel any better – that was true in the 1980s and 1990s too.

Feel better?

You shouldn’t. You are still Subtracting Value.

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