My Thoughts on T&D – In Today’s Context

I recall a client in the mid-1990s – telling me that the trainees really would need the training he was requesting – but that most would feel that they didn’t need it. And would therefore be difficult in the delivery.

I immediately jumped up to write on his white board.


I created my Lesson Map format, and described quickly what went where – and that I suggested that before we even introduce the Course, it’s title, objectives and did the introductions of all attendees – that we immediately launch into an Exercise – an Exercise my terminology labeled an Application Exercise.

And, I suggested, it should be one of those Applications that I fondly referred to as the “Application Exercise From Hades.”

Meaning, the toughest test, that was authentic, that one might face back-on-the-job.

And then we would quickly provide feedback, outlining the criteria used, and get to THAT’s WHAT YOU’RE GOING TO LEARN IN THIS COURSE – PDQ.

His only question was, “what’s PDQ?”

“Pretty Damn Quick,” was my reply.

And so that’s what we did.

# # #

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