Walking About Without Any Support – In a Manner of Speaking

So 2 days after my left knee replacement surgery, I’m walking about – doing “laps” on the 2nd floor of Southampton Memorial Hospital – without any support.

Here’s me on Day 3. I even “ran” down the hallway, with no support, to the applause from everyone in the Nurse’s Station.


No support.

Unless of course you count the Support from 3 to 4 dozen or so professionals who admitted me to the hospital, prep’d me, performed the surgery (Jiffy Knee Replacement), watched over me in the Recovery Room, and then watched over me and my pains and my meds and my hunger and all of my other needs.

Yeah. Unless you count them, I’m walking about without any support at all!!!

Note: This is day 4. I’m now at a local hotel for 3 days for more local Physical Therapy before my wife supports me further and drives us the 6 hours home.


And because this was so much fun, I’ll be coming back in 2-3 months to do it all over again!

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One comment on “Walking About Without Any Support – In a Manner of Speaking

  1. What the heck made the knees go? You seem so “together.” Best of luck with the rehab and next steps.  Craig 

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