RIP: J. Robert “Bob” Carleton

Sad news yesterday from Gary W. Craig, Bob’s partner at the Vector Group.

Bob Carleton passed away on April 28th while visiting family in Vancouver Island, British Columbia.

Bob Carleton

From LinkedIn

Internationally recognized authority in organizational performance and effectiveness. Global thought leader and pioneer in the emerging field of cultural due diligence and its application in successful M & A’s. Lengthy record of achievements in turning around underperforming organizations and bringing them to the top of their respective industries with companies such as GM, Honeywell-Bull, Prudential Assurance, British Airways and Groupe Schneider. Expert in organizational analysis and design, post merger/acquisition integration, leadership and executive team development. Accomplished author and speaker regularly invited to international conferences and symposiums. Significant international experience across numerous industries.

Specialties: M&A, cultural due diligence, post-merger/acquisition integration, change management, organizational alignment, organizational performance, leadership/management development, strategy implementation, teams, internal branding, culture -both organizational and national/ethnic, broad global experience


See Bob’s profile on the Vector Group website – here.

HPT Video

Bob agreed to sit with me back in 2011 for this video interview.

Video was recorded in 2011 at the ISPI Conference and is 72:20 minutes in length.



For more information and/or to order, please go – here.


I’ve often told this story:

At NSPI and then at ISPI Conferences in years past there were occasions when a speaker would be stopped short by an audience member standing up in the middle of the presentation and shouting, “Do you have data to support that?”

And someone else in the audience would stand up and add, also shouting, “And data is plural!”

Bob was one of the two challengers many times. I valued that learning from this particular form of audience participation.

Rest in peace Bob, rest in peace. And thank you.

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