T&D: Does Discovery Sometimes Cause Diatribes?

I often wonder why some seem so hostile to “Training.” Or to “Instruction.”

I almost always conclude that they must have just discovered that they’d been doing it all wrong, for so long, that they are trying to make amends for their sins of the past.


And they sometimes seem unaware that many, many, many others have been doing it right – focused on terminal, authentic performance – and achieving Measured Results for decades and decades.

It always causes me to reflect on how damn lucky I was that my boss and peers in my first job out of college were followers of Rummler, Gilbert, Harless and Mager.

I was set on the straight and narrow path from the git-go. The path of Performance Based ISD.

And in my second job I got to work with Geary A. Rummler!!!

Lucky, lucky, lucky me.

Damn lucky.

# # #

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