T&D: Top Down Planning Enables Cohesiveness

Avoid a Collection of Courses

Too many T&D Paths, L&D Paths, Development Maps, etc. are simply a hodge podge – a collection of courses – perhaps all with Face Validity based on their titles – but lacking Performance Validity – and therefore will probably not have a positive impact on terminal performance back on the job. The ROI will likely be negative or nil.

Embrace a Cohesiveness of Both Courses and Resources 

And always always always be focused on the Performance Competence requirements.

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5 Key Roles in the PACT Processes

PACT is tool agnostic – and the “Role” for those who would used those tools are not included in the following graphic.

Tools such as Content Development Tools, such as graphics tools, presentation tools, video editing software, eLearning Development tools, etc., and Administrative tools such as an LMS, LCMS, etc.


PACT Practitioner Self-Development Paths

For more on the use of the many Free Resources for Self-Development for the 5 Key PACT Practitioners – please go here.

Free Book PDF: lean-ISD

20 years ago I finished what I had started way back in 1983.

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For the free 410 page book PDF – please go here.

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