T&D: Performance Based Instruction

What We Do Better Be Instructional

Regardless of whether or not Learning – or Memorization – occurs.


What’s In a Name?

Call it whatever your customer wish. No kidding.

But understand that if the Performance Competence back on the job isn’t enabled – you’ve failed.

Webp.net-gifmaker (100).gif

Focus on the Performance Competence Requirements

That means the Outputs first, the Tasks second, the Enabling K/Ss third, and all the Barriers that cause Performance Gaps in Actual Performance compared to Ideal Performance – that the learner/Performer will face on job.

The Quality, Quantity, Cycle Time and Costs – are the basis for your Measured Results. Those 4. No kidding.


Call it whatever – but always think about it as:

Instruction for Measured Results 

Carry on.

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