T&D: Practice with Feedback Is Sometimes Best If It Is “Real Work”

Or Last Week’s Real Work

The only time Real Work isn’t best as the Application Exercise inside a Training & Development effort – is where the risks from errors are just too great and they cannot be mitigated/ can’t be fixed – before that real work (the outputs) flow downstream in the real work processes.


Then you might use last week’s real work – work that someone has already done and has made its way into the workflow.

But you pull out the initial inputs and have that be the starting point of the APPO – the Application Exercise – after appropriate INFOs and DEMOs have prepared the learner/Performer for their time in the barrel. And when they are done – you throw away the new Outputs and don’t let them enter the real work processes.

Performance Tests

In my view a Performance Test is just another APPO – Application – Application Exercise.

After an APPO that’s “Easy-Peasy,” and another that’s “Darn Difficult,” and yet another that’s “From Hades” – one could use the next Application Exercise as a Performance Test – or actually use the first 3 as a battery of Performance Tests.


The Book

In our 2007 book, Performance-Based Employee Qualification/Certification Systems, the late Ray Svenson and I wrote about Performance Tests – and using Real Work as one option.


Here on page 38…

Performance Tests can include testing via:

  • Performance demonstrations (real work)
  • Performance simulations
  • Talk-through performance

Performance Tests can deal with new real work, old real work, or simulations of real work.

Employee performance-based Qualification/Certification Systems 

Is available as a free 226 page PDF – here.

And it is also available as a $15 Paperback book – and $9.99*** as a Kindle – for more info and/or to order – please go – here.


It seems that Amazon has upped the price I set for the Kindle version ($7.50) when they pulled the rug out from under CreateSpace and merged that into Amazon.

I guess I’ll need to go investigate.

I hope that this doesn’t become an APPO From Hades – so to speak.

# # #

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