Weekend Reflections

Status Update

Swelling is reduced. All the surrounding skin is painful to the touch. Still need the pain med most of the time, especially through the night.


This past Thursday was only 3 weeks out from surgery, Day 22. Today is Day 24.

Feeling optimistic about the whole thing, which is quite necessary for getting up on that horse again for the right knee. For it too needs replacement – being bone on bone as the doctor described it. Both conditions due to arthritis.


One reflection to share is how I gave myself permission to do very little, work-wise, during my recovery period. And then lowered my expectations even further.

Which is tough for a Triple A type like me. Someone who used to tell those who inquired that I scheduled my spontaneity. Which was true.

I’ve scheduled and conducted only one phone call so far, and have another one in 2 weeks. But I can bail on the next one if needed, but I doubt that that’ll be necessary.

I’ve continued to post on Social Media – typically being triggered by someone’s post – that I agreed with or disagreed with.

I’ve read little, given my initial plans to dive into my Kindle library of unread books. I attribute that to the pain meds. I’ve been watching movies instead. I find that I prefer movies I’ve watched previously – as they entail less work to follow the plotlines. And if I miss something – who cares?

My only work is my Physical Therapy – twice a week at the local PT joint – and what I do at home.

As far as sabbaticals go – I may not accomplish much – other than heal. And that’s OK.

I’ve scheduled DO NOTHING for the next 2 weeks as well.

Hope you all are doing fine!

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