Weekend Reflections

Today is Day 30 after my Knee Replacement Surgery. The situation is forcing me to become more patient.

There’s been a lot of improvement – but I, of course, wanted it to go faster.

Weeked Reflections 2019-05-18.png

This past week I’ve been exploring old files, paper and electronic, looking for references to “Structured OJT” – due to some former colleagues publishing an article that seemed very close to some of my writings on that subject years ago, decades ago, and I’ve been digging through my own files and have reviewed “my stuff” going back to 1979.

I’ve seen decades and decades of old references to: Measured Results for ISD, performance-based T&D, Guidance & Job Aids & EPSS, T&D Paths for OnBoarding & OnGoing Development of Performance Competence, and the need to avoid Training for low Risk and low Reward Performance and to just leave it to Un-Structured OJT … Informal Learning.

As I reviewed all of these materials from 40 years in the biz, it became apparent that despite some knowing for decades and decades what to do and how to do it – it hasn’t gotten much traction with the many – in the T&D profession, in the L&D profession.

There’s been a lot of improvement – but I, of course, wanted it to go faster.

Will my patience, and the patience of others, lead to real traction?

Or will we continue to see “the many” ignoring the lessons learned from the past – see what’s old become new again – and see the field spinning its wheels?

I guess time will tell.

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