T&D: Bror Saxberg Video on The 4 Main Factors for Learner Motivation

Bror Saxberg delivered an opening keynote for the 2017 iNACOL Symposium on “Personalized, Learner-Centered Innovations to Transform Lives and Communities.”

See his post on this here:

The 6-Minute Master’s in Cognitive Psychology from CZI’s Bror Saxberg

The video is 86 minutes in length… and Note: it is similar … but different… to the video I posted yesterday.


From his Blog Post:

Given the practice needed, what gets in the way of learners starting, persisting, and putting in mental effort? We had a very good cognitive psychologist, Richard Clark, look through a wide range of sources, and he came up with a nice way to think about it.

There seem to be four major things that go wrong with motivation:

  • Value:  You don’t value what you’re learning or how you’re learning enough to put in effort.
  • Self-efficacy: You just don’t think you can master it.
  • Attribution: You blame something in your environment for preventing you from starting.
  • Negative emotions:  You are angry, depressed, scared, etc. — not good states to be in to start, persist, or put in mental effort.

One thing I liked is when he says to effect:

LIKING LEARNING – Has nothing to do with it.

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