Dr. Bror Saxberg – TEDxSF – Demystifying the Human Mind (2011)

Bror Saxberg is a thought leader in the field of learning science, cognitive science and artificial intelligence. As the Chief Learning Officer at Kaplan, Inc., Bror is responsible for the research and development of innovative learning strategies, technologies and products across the Company’s full range of educational services offerings.

Video is just under 20 minutes…

He also oversees future developments and adoptions of innovative learning technologies and maintains consistent academic standards for Kaplan’s products and courses. Bror most recently served as Senior Vice President and Chief Learning Officer at K12, Inc., where he was responsible for designing both online and offline learning environments and developing new student products and services.

Prior to joining K12, Inc., he was Vice President at Knowledge Universe, where he co-founded the testing and assessment division that became known as Knowledge Testing Enterprise (KTE). Bror began his career at McKinsey & Company, Inc. and later served as Vice President and General Manager for London-based DK Multimedia, part of DK Publishing, and education and reference publisher.

So… What?

Unfortunately – Your SME Doesn’t Know What They Are Talking About

Literally – Your SME’s Are Operating on Auto-Pilot

They cannot tell you what you need and want – because that detailed knowledge has been forgotten after being tucked away – in the subconscious. They cannot tell you anywhere close to 100% – even if they were highly motivated to do so!



The Implications Are Huge!

  • Do SMEs deliver your courses?
  • Do you develop your content based on Interviews and Observations with one or two SMEs?
  • Do SMEs populate Knowledge Management Systems or build Content using authoring tools?

My Own 2012 Post and Video On This


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