T&D: Measure the Delta Between the Baseline and Final Performance

Do the Math

If you could bring non-Master Performers closer to the levels of Performance of the Master Performers – via better T&D – what would that be worth?

How do you measure performance?


Your Analysis efforts should uncover that – what to measure – because it is all about sustained and/or improved Task Performance – and sustained and/or improved Outputs Produced.

Certainly not butts in seats or on sites.

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Dollars and Sense

Good Stewards of Shareholder Equity do not squander it on efforts where the forecasted ROI is nil or negative. They just don’t.

However, they might be directed to do so anyway – by their leaders. Then it’s on the leaders. Who decides the target in your context?

If you do the targeting – aim correctly – at Performance Competence.

Leverage Your Master Performers 2019

If your clients do the targeting help them see – once the Analysis dust settles, so to speak – on the gaps between current Master Performers and everyone else, the value of those gaps – and the potential solutions and their costs.

Work with your leaders to get meaningful numbers regarding the values of Task Performance and the Outputs Produced. Establish current baseline numbers.

Then together – do the math – for probable ROI. Based on current performance – and what levels your efforts might get to – with whatever solution/solution-set you might use.

Then implement. Then Measure.

Measure the actual vs planned improvements against the baselines you first established.

Perf Comp Def

Then it’s a math problem. Do the math.

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