T&D: Instructional Analysis & Performance Analysis

Performance Performance Performance

If you’re not focused on that – you’re not really focused on having impact back on the job.

Instructional Analysis & Performance Analysis – some might think that the former is a subset of the latter. I think not.


Not for use in Performance Based Instruction. Again, IMO.

Good PBI requires How Tos on:

  • How To Perform Tasks to Produce Outputs & meet the Stakeholder Requirements/ Measures for both.
  • How To avoid the Barriers.
  • How To react if the Barriers were unavoidable.

3 Instructional Options

Go for Option 1 – before Option 2 – before Option 3.


I consider Option 1 to be Formal – the 10 as some might label it. And not the 70.

So I also believe in “Most 10 before most 20 before most 70.

The Process Itself

I think the Process itself is often to blame. It is too informal, even often un-named. That causes tremendous variation each time the so-called Process is performed.

And if it is Informal, then the enabling environmental assets are often lacking. And the human requirements are then unknown – and not managed.



This Gif shares more of my thoughts on this.

Webp.net-gifmaker - 2019-06-10T073212.625

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