T&D: Play Along With Every Request for Training

Sometimes the Customer Is Always Right

One of my favorite sayings of all of my sayings is:

“Every Request for Training for New Hires Should Be Expected – and – Every Request for Training for Solving Performance Issues Should Be Suspected.”


W. Edwards Deming taught us that 94% of problems are due to The System and not to The People.

Geary A. Rummler taught us that if you put a Good Performer in a Bad System that the Bad System would win every time.

We need to keep that in mind when responding to requests, but respectfully.

And one thing I learned from Joe Harless was to never question the request, never say no, and always say yes. Yes, and…

Ensure that Your Analysis Validates The Assumption that Training Is Required

What Brother Joe – may he rest in peace – said after declaring that one should never say no, and never question a Request for Training – with anything akin to responding with “Are you sure it’s a Training Problem?” – but one should immediately begin to position the Analysis efforts needed.


Joe’s written about this before – back in 1985 – and I’ve written about Joe’s writing about this before.

IMO what you are trying to do is:

  1. Determine the Knowledge/Skills Needed and then Validate/Invalidate the Need for Training to Address Any Knowledge/Skill Gaps in the Current and/or future Performers. Let those chips fall where they may. It’s a Business Decision to respond or not, in any event. Facilitate all of that.
  2. Uncover the Root Probable Causes for Significant Gaps in Performance Outcomes. Determine what else might be at the root of some Business Metric Deficiency.

Plan All ISD Efforts in Conjunction with Other PI Interventions

Do not plan in isolation. Plan jointly with all others and talk out some of the details and nuances.


Have a Set of Framework For Data Capture & Data Reporting

Start with an agreed upon set of Data Capture & Data Reporting Frameworks.


My 2011 Book On This

Available as a Kindle and as a Paperback.


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