Weekend Reflections 2019-06-22

Cha Ching

What else explains Professional Organizations (Affinity Groups) promoting Disproven Content?

Money Money Money?

Weeked Reflections 2019-06-22.png

Earlier this week one of the largest, most well known of the Professional Organizations promoted Generational Differences in one of their articles.

Twitter brought this to my attention – as this group has proven to be so untrustworthy in this manner – so often in my 40 years in the biz – that I have quit paying attention to anything they do.

Yet I know that they have “Impact” in the marketplace.

Bad Impact vs Good Impact

Of course the marketplace is whom “they serve.”

But – really – “they serve” up the marketplace to The Trade – as they are a Trade Organization. They get the marketplace in the door for the sales pitches of The Trade.

If only they had screens on The Trade for validity.

Of course that would lead to good impact for the marketplace – but bad impact for this organization’s cash flow.

Let The Buyer Beware

Caveat emptor, baby. Caveat emptor.

Who Do You Trust in the Marketplace?

And why?

Are they a Members Organization – or a Trade Organization?

# # #

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