T&D/PI: The Customer Is King. Not.

Slogans. Deming Hated Them.

I wrote an article that was published back in 1995 about Stakeholders – as I had a customer who kept saying that “The Customer Is King” – and while most people would just nod their heads in affirmation at that notion, I found it overly simplistic and not reflecting reality.

That led me to write about that.


How would employees respond to conflicts between various Stakeholders if the Customers REQUIRED one thing – that other Stakeholders opposed?

Sometimes we in T&D have to help our audiences learn how to navigate fields of landmines – so to speak.

And it does them no damn good for us to preach/teach platitudes.


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Balancing Conflicting Stakeholder Requirements

Should the employees dump toxic wastes in a ditch, rather than using proper disposal methods, in order to reduce the Cost of Goods for their Customer?

Is the Customer King?

Or is it a little more complex than that?

Or is it even very complex?

It is situational. IMO.

Here Is That Article PDF



May the Hierarchy Be With You!

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