Weekend Reflections 2019-07-06

T&D Impact Is Only Half of the Story

Demonstrating and measuring the impact of your T&D/L&D is only half of the equation. The ROI equation that is.

Weeked Reflections 2019-07-06.png

And calculating actual ROI should follow upfront ROI projections based on the Total Costs and Total Returns – before you spend the first nickel.

However – Calculating Actual ROI is Problematic

There are way too many variables that impact Business Results. Isolating the impact of one variable, such as improved awareness, knowledge, skills and performance competence, is darn difficult to say the least.

And then it’s made more IMPOSSIBLE when the content is focused not on Tasks and Outputs, but on Topics.

Too often IMO T&D/L&D is oriented on Topics for broad audiences rather than targeted on Tasks and Outputs for narrow Targeted Audiences.

And … ROI is best used as a projection tool, when you can’t afford everything, and you need to determine which Investments make greatest Business Sense. So you would move forward with some and forgo the others.

Here are some past Blog Posts of mine on the topic of ROI.

May the Investment Costs of your T&D/L&D efforts be worthy of the Shareholder Equity you plow back into the business for sufficient Returns.

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