T&D: Content Needs To Have More Than Face Validity

T&D Needs a Narrow Focus

Trying to address everyone’s needs with a single silver bullet – so to speak – isn’t going to improve the performance of many. Most of us cannot learn something out of context and bring it into our own context.

Titles that have Face Validity too often don’t have enough Performance Specificity to Transfer back to the job. Far transfer … is a bridge too far.

Did you see what I did there?


Too often T&D Content is organized by Topics vs Tasks … and the Outputs they lead to.

Tasks sans Outputs is the same.

Without knowing the Outputs and how the Stakeholders measure them and their processes (Tasks) one cannot reduce the Topic Content to just what’s needed and you end up with a lot of Superfluous Content just in case.

Perf Comp Def

You really need to have a grasp on the specific Tasks, the specific Outputs and the specific Measures for both.

And that requires having a grasp on all of the Stakeholders and all of their Requirements.


Focus on the Performance Competence requirements – and enable them. They are your guide.

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